I saw quite a few posts today on Twitter about responding to rejection emails.  You have to remember that sometimes it isn’t about what you did or didn’t do during the interview process.  You may have been qualified for the position but the other candidate had certain experience or skills that you may not have.  If you do want to ask for feedback, try not to let your emotions come through in your email. Keep it polite and professional.

Here is an example of a feedback email I sent after I received a job rejection:

Hi Jessica,
Kitty let me know that you went with another candidate.  For my own development, can you please tell me what I might be able to improve upon going forward in the interview process?  I would appreciate any feedback you might have for me.

I felt this particular interview went really well so I was surprised when I didn’t receive an offer.  My hope was to get feedback that might help me improve as I continued my job search.  I kept my email short and sweet with no expectations of getting a response.  In many cases, the employer may not be able to respond due to company or HR policies.  However, I did get an email back from Jessica:

Hi Taryn,
I hope you are doing well ! 
In my opinion, I thought you were a wonderful candidate.  Your interview was excellent however I felt you were overqualified for the administrative position we had available.   I wish you much luck on your search, I am confident you will find a great position that will best suit your needs.   
Please feel free to keep in contact!
Best Regards,

This response made me feel confident in my interview skills and encouraged me to continue on my search.  Because of my positive approach in my request for feedback, Jessica replied and even suggested I keep in contact.

Remember that rejection is a part of job searching.  The right opportunity will fall into place for you, just keep at it!

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