It can be daunting to find the suitable keynote speaker for your event. There are a lot of considerations and the last thing you would want is a speaker who does not fit your event. This article outlines ten of the common mistakes some people commit when getting keynote speakers. You can avoid these mistakes if you are aware of them and your audience will have a special takeaway from your event.

  1. Not Defining How a Successful Event Would Look Like

Your event has a goal, so the organizers should determine the following:

  • Your message
  • What you want the audience to feel
  • What you want the audience to do

If you have a clear definition of these things, you can begin looking for a keynote speaker who would suit your needs.

  1. Being Vague About the Result of the Speaker’s Presentation

Keynote speakers have different assets. Some are inspirational; some are entertaining; and some are organized. Be clear as to what you want to leave with the audience and the kind of speaker you want to have. It may not be suitable to hire an entertaining speaker that is fit for an after-dinner event if you want someone to present a mid-morning keynote speech.

  1. Motivational SpeakerHiring an Egoistic Speaker

An egoistic speaker always has the need to fit in their own story, regardless of whether it is relevant to the goals of the event. A good speaker always considers the audience first and leaves a long-lasting, encouraging impression on them.

  1. Not Having a Follow-up Plan

For events that you want to cause a lasting change, a one-time presentation seldom works. Quality keynote speakers must give you suggestions on how to follow-up. For instance, the keynote speaker, may offer private consulting or recommend online course or reading material.

  1. Ignoring the Task of the Speaker in Targeting the Goals of the Organizers

A professional keynote speaker collaborates with the organizers to accomplish their goals.

  1. Getting the Cheapest Speaker

In almost anything, you only get what you pay for. Determine your budget and get the best speaker that you could afford.

  1. Not Asking for References

Talk to people who have hired a certain speaker before. You can ask anything, but make sure you find out if they will hire that speaker again.

  1. Focusing on Reducing the Fee

Great keynote speakers may come with huge fees. While it may be tempting to ask the speaker to reduce the fee, focus on increasing their value. Check if there are other things the keynote speaker can do for their standard fee. For instance, they may offer brief one-on-one discussions with a few people from the audience after event.

  1. Quickly Having the Speaker In and Out

Your speakers should be involved in the presentation. Give them an idea about the previous sessions you have organized so that they could develop on the things that have been discussed. Have them available after the session as well because most people love to talk to the speakers.

  1. Hiring a Speaker You Do Not Need

Sometimes, you do not need a big name speaker because other solutions would work. For instance, you could organize a panel discussion that involves four or five people from your trade industry or company.
There are a lot of things that you have to consider when organizing a company event. It may be possible to cut corners on some things. Keynote speakers will never be one of those things. If you avoid the aforementioned mistakes, it would help ensure that the speaker you hire adds true value to your event.


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