Legal Terms

  1. Access of Website and Use of Information:’s management gives its visitors, members, and subscribers, the authority to access its web contents through their choice of respective browsers. These web contents may be in the form of written articles and multimedia content– such as videos, audio clips and flash images. All users are authorized to stream our multimedia content and share its link to netizens on different social media platforms. They may also download and reprint any page of our website in portion or in its entirety. However, they are expected by the management to abide by the following terms and conditions:

1.1. Any form of distribution and reprinting of all our web content should be done for non-commercial purposes only. Only parties who are granted written permission by to sell or promote our web contents and services may be exempted from this clause.

1.2. has the authority to set access restrictions to certain pages in our site on whatever time, date, and for whatever reason. Our site users may not bypass these restrictions without any legal reason and without any permission from an authorized figure from our management.

1.3. Our website may not be used to transmit any harmful or illegal content. Any user who distributes any form of virus, spy ware, worm, or any form of malware will automatically be banned from accessing the server.

1.3.1.’s management has the authority to resort to appropriate legal actions should the violation of the clause mentioned above result to any form to the peace in our online community or to the management’s reputation.

1.4. User-hacking and stalking for collection of other members’ and subscribers’ Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is strictly prohibited by Any individual or organization who violates this term will be reported by to the appropriate authorities. Our management reserves the right to file a law suit against anyone who threatens our users’ privacy and violates our website policies.

  1. Contribution License: All individuals and organizations who submit any form of contribution to automatically grants the management the license to publish their content for worldwide online-viewing. This contribution license is irrevocable, unless the contributor and the management reaches an agreement to remove the content from the website for legal reasons.
  1. Terms for Community Registration and Service Subscription: Individuals who will sign up for our online community membership must be at least 13 years old, while those who will register for our service subscription must be at least 18 years old. All our members and subscribers are expected by the management to abide by the following conditions:

3.1. Members and subscribers should protect their account and personal information private. waives any liability for any dispute or accidents that may arise from leak of user information caused by the user himself.

3.2. Members should report any cases of suspicious online activity that may be taking place between users within’s domain in order to protect its community. Any suspicions of hacking, harassment, or illegal transaction within’s community servers must be reported to the web administrators within 24 hours.

3.3. Fraudulence in any form is prohibited by Filing of false personal information for service subscriptions– such as fake names, misleading residential or business addresses, and other similar acts– are punishable by law.

  1. Copyright Laws: The proprietors of reserve the right to have full control of all copyrights in our website’s contents, services, and other featured materials.

4.1. Other rights under intellectual property laws, which may concern’s contents, are reserved.

  1. Statutory Rights: The legalities stated in this agreement is governed by the laws of the country where’s official address is registered.

By reading the conditions stated above, you agree that you have understood’s legal terms.

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