Here at, we aim to bring you the latest news and information about Human Resource (HR) activity. We also serve up analysis and views concerning HR for talent management and human resource leaders and professionals. The topics that we cover include technology, timely news issues, how-tos, HR and talent management, thought leadership, HR and career advice, training and development, and more.

We want our blog to create a positive impact on the day-to-day functions of everyone in the workplace. We believe that strategic human resources are quite significant in the success of an organization.

The professionals running this blog and our news contributors guarantee that you will only see valuable content related to HR and the workplace in general.

HR’s Role in Organizational Success

We can only clearly establish the role of human resource in organizational success if we know what we mean by success. To others, success means helping the organization increase their profit, but to us here at, success means helping the organization reach its vision, mission, goals, and strategy. With this definition, we are able to keep our focus on that perspective, which helps us determine the kind of news and updates to deliver that can be helpful in achieving organizational success.

Why Our Updates are Relevant

The news and updates in this blog will help you:

  • Recognize the link between members of the organization – the connection between helping an employee, their department, their team, and their company to better performance is all about HR strategy and context.
  • Achieve the organization’s bigger purposes – we help HR professionals to make sure that the regulations, programs, services, and procedures that they offer are connected to the bigger purposes of the organization. Without deliberate and clear connections, the HR team is only a cost middle ground that is unappreciated.
  • Take a strategic method to work – before implementing, strategy begins with thinking, of course. We will provide you with updates on operating structure that will make a difference for your organization based on careful planning and research.
  • Have a helping mentality – we want to influence HR professionals and leaders on how to deal with staffing, operating, and organizing their department/company. We will give you tips on developing human potential of the organization in order to achieve success.
Article Contributor Guidelines

We are willing to accept article contributions to our blog. Please read the following information regarding submitting a contribution.

  1. What you should send

Send a short pitch through email that outlines what your article would be. It should also explain what your expertise is in the field of HR and the workplace. You can also indicate the names of your prospective interviewees. If possible, give us an idea of the headline.

You do not need to send a complete portfolio, but send us one or two links to your published articles related to HR activity.

  1. The kind of news articles we write about

We publish timely and well-written articles about the latest industry developments and anything that can help harness the management and HR skills of an organization. We also update our readers about networking opportunities, seminars, and conferences all over the world that are relevant to HR, business skills, and people management. Before you send your pitch, make sure that you are familiar with our blog, what we do, and what we cover in our news articles.

  1. What we do not publish

We normally do not accept pitches about areas that are already covered by our regular news contributors.

  1. Turn Around Time of Respons

We do our best to respond to emails within 24-48 hours.

  1. Reminder

Do not send us a pitch that you have also sent somewhere else at the same time.

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