Terms of Service

Acceptance of Terms of Service

Contents presented and provided on this blog are for informational purposes only. This blog site renders the following services described below to you subject to the following Terms of Service. By accessing and utilizing this blog site you accept the Terms of Service and agree to abide to the terms, conditions and provisions set by this blog site.

These terms of service can be accessed for reference by clicking the link “Terms of Service” on the blog site home page.

Modifications to Terms of Service

This blog site may change the terms and conditions of the Terms of Service without prior notice, given the approval of the author. Changes to the Terms of Service will be notified upon access to the blog site.

Service Description

This blog site provides a blog service on human resource activities described below:

  1. Training and career development
  2. Recruitment
  3. Performance management
  4. Personnel transfer and movement
  5. Compensation and salary issues; among others

This blog site will give you access to blog site information, news and featured articles on the activities aforementioned. This blog site is also open for reader’s feedbacks and reactions.

Author Identification

This blog site offers an open access to the featured contents and information. For questions and inquiries that need a response from the author/s of the blog site and for subscription to the newsletter, a message can be delivered, given that you need to supply email information. Email information entrusted to the blog site will be held at complete privacy and protection.

License to Reproduce

Featured news articles and other pieces of information presented by the blog site are owned by the author. Making use of aforementioned articles and information may be subjected to proper deliberation and approval by the author of the blog site, and the writing parties as well.

Author Responsibility

Harm intended, intentionally or accidentally by the blog site’s contents is the sole responsibility of the author. Harm in the form of inappropriate and abusive texts, graphics, or computer software. By making contents available for access, you represent and warrant that:

  1. The proprietary rights, including intellectual property and technical documentation, copyright, patent and trademark will not be violated by the copying and use of the content;
  2. The blog site’s content is free from computer viruses that can pose harmful or destructive consequences;
  3. The blog site is managed by trusted personnel and not machine- or randomly-generated, and is not designed to cause inconveniences online;
  4. The contents of the blog site is of utmost ethical credibility and does not impose threats or violence towards the readers. A privacy or publicity right of any third party is also kept a major consideration;
  5. Any advertisement or distribution of any content in the site is subjected to proper procedures and unwanted electronic messages are not encouraged.
Content Removal

Prior to publication in the blog site, the contents are assessed. In this phase, the blog site will have the right, to refuse publication or remove from their systems any contents found to be improper and irrelevant to the purpose of the blog site.

Blog Post Deletion

The right to suspend, and even to delete posts based on a given set of criteria is completely under the authority of the blog site and its author, especially when it is rendered inactive. A blog post will be considered inactive if:

  1. It contains less than five comments, and the most recent one is less than ten months old.
  2. Its most recent comment is more than three weeks old.
  3. It fails to generate sufficient clicks or traffic.
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